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breathing properly and its relation to dental

Breathing is essential in life. It allows the body to regenerate and heal itself. Improper breathing can lead to issues like anxiety and sleep disorder issues. This in turn can result in many dental issues such as grinding and clenching of teeth.

Using proper breathing like Buteyko can help to reduce overbreathing (chronic hyperventilation). Poor breathing can create tension in our neck and can constrict smooth muscles and blood vessels. By learning to breathe proper through the diaphragm and through nose (rather than mouth), This helps to alleviate health problems.

Increase carbon dioxide (CO2) in blood actually help to settle someone down. The body need to release oxygen (O2) not hold on to it. The body carries quite a bit of O2 by itself. Believe it or not, the key to getting more O2 into the body is sufficient levels of CO2. Chronic overbreathing decreases Co2, this effects how O2 gets into the cell. The key is having CO2 to the cells is to allow O2 to travel into the cells (a diffusion gradient). CO2 is a natural bronchodilator, antihistamine and muscle relaxant (hence a good aid to asthmatics). Being a relaxant can also calm the nervous system down.

So how does breathing relates to the dental work? Our Grovedale dentists believe in a holistic approach in getting optimal health for our patients. In Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD aka jaw problems), many are unaware they clench and grind. One of the main causes of clenching and grinding is sleep disordered breathing. There can be stress factor but there are other issues like sleep issues. Tension in the jaw is created by tongue being pulled out ofthe airway to open up the airway volume. By addressing breathing, we are able to reduce grinding and clenching taking away the physical forces on the TMJ to maintain its health.

By breathing well, can help with snoring and sleep apnoea, whic in turn help with the TMJ management.

At Geelong Family Dental Care Grovedale, we believe in breathing properly to help support your jaw and maintenance of your dental health. Our Grovedale dentists approach things in a holistic approach to ensure your overall health, not just your dental health, is well taken care off to create a better healthier you.